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The V MGMT Group is the first full service management company based out of East Alabama, with our office located in the heart of Downtown Opelika. We scout, develop, market, and book models, talent, creatives, and brands alike.

V MGMT, LLC. is the one-stop creative shop for all your wants and needs. Whether your need an advertising campaign, to build your portfolio, or simply want to let your creativity fly - in our full-service studio we can do it all!

The V MGMT Studio is also open to the public. Contact us today if you wish to book a photographer or rent the space for your own photo shoot. We are available by email at, if you would like to schedule a custom appointment or tour.


V MGMT is partnered with multiple local industry professionals to connect our talent and clients with the best services offered. We aim to grow the creative community and help teach aspiring creatives of different platforms what it takes to thrive in the industry.

For more information, or to book our talent or services, email If you are interested in applying as a model please click here for more information or use tag us on Instagram using #scoutmev for the chance to be scouted.

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